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Biosyntony - - THE BASIC CYCLE

Biosyntony Program Overview

Influence electromagnetic technologies

Principles of the mechanics of the swirling natural waves. Creation and use of the vortices.

The concept Os-blood-lymph: Work on our three fundamental states: Os, Blood and the Lymph and their component symbolic system,

the synchronization of the biological clocks: Resonances SCHUMANN and waves Alpha, geomagnetic Network Hartmann

Properties of the points and the cardinal axes and the positions: lengthened, sitting, upright

Dynamic Music effect of SONOLYS: Action of the music and the sound on the cell: cellular synchronization.

Experimentation of 18 Vortices or centers of energy, which manage the physical structures, energy and psychic starting from the body of vitality.

Technique of Mandalas made up of medallions.

The mandalas make it possible to manage energy in the meridian lines of the body and to optimize the regulations. they are particularly adapted to psychotherapeutic work and of Personal Development.

Technique of balancing of the basin and the architecture of the skeleton.

Rebalancing of energies between the top and bottom, techniques of cleaning and fast regeneration.

Biosyntonie - Welcome to the largest naturopathic website on the internet,
where the most natural thing is - healing naturally, of course

BioSyntonie 1 |  BioSyntonie II  |  BioSyntonie III  |  BioSyntonie IV  |  BioSyntonie V |  BioSyntonie VI |  BioSyntonie Overview


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