In every walk of life, in every human effort, you will always find a top ten percent.
You can look at the top ten percent of one group, or the top ten percent of a thousand groups.
Without a shadow of a doubt, no form or measure of science excepted, you will find common traits.
These traits are called shortcuts, because they save all who follow one or more steps along the way.
When the shortcuts are used by seventy, eighty, even ninety percent of all who achieve at world-class repeatedly,
then we call them PowerGems. These PowerGems comprise the foundation of the Shortcut Method of Life,
PowerGems are universal shortcuts that even naysayers like you can neither refute nor disprove.
Here, the objective is to mentor the unique individual that is you into that top percentile.
Whether it's the top ten percent or the top one percent is of lesser importance here.
We know that one extra success for every twelve tries doubles your results.
In most cases one of every twelve tries producing one more success, daily,
yields a repeated doubling of income, pretty close to every single time.
Your day is coming because your day is today. No more delays, okay?
Today we launch you into the most productive hundred days of all,
the hundred days you're currently going through, beginning now.
From this day forth you will being asking for what you want,
more often than you ever have in your life until now,
and you will ask more people than ever before.
When it comes to truly successful shortcuts,
the ones that work for nearly all of us,
there are no greater success shortcuts,
there is no better secret of success,
than the shortcut of just asking.
Ask a hundred times or more,
and see for yourself.
Your great power.
The power of shortcuts;
of your repeated shortcuts.
Always honorably and ethically.
Without excuses or tired ratiocination.
Asking and asking a hundred times per day,
will produce in these one hundred days or less,
more yeses than you've heard in total all of your life.
Break out and break in, to the sweetest room inside of you.
It's the place where you realize how much you've been missing,
and how much you can do, for yourself and for others along your way,
by tapping into your magnificent and fantastic, guaranteed power of asking.
There's nothing like it, and never will be, so you are wise to re-master it now.
You knew as a child how to use this most delicious and effective shortcut of all time.
AT some point you forgot it, or chose to neglect it, feeling guilty or unworthy or who knows what?
That's over and done with, today you can commit to asking ten thousand times in a hundred days or a thousand.
Whichever path you travel, carrying and using your bag of great success shortcuts guarantees you a place at the table,
where masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires break bread and discuss how they got to be where they are today.

Remember this rule: When you ask ten thousand times in one hundred to one thousand days,
you come close as life allows to actually guaranteeing that within those measured days,
you will be at least one or more of the kinds of people that most of us most like to be:
masters, millionaires, champions, and/or billionaires, role models for most everyone else.

Learn more so you can earn more, with the Shortcut Method of Life.
Grow inside and outside yourself, with your Shortcut Method of Life.
Designed and developed for your greater potential by the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You

Each of us has a Shortcut Method of Life inside of us; it's a function of childhood.

You knew precisely what was required to get what you wanted.

One day, you suddenly forgot, and never even noticed.
You became aware of yourself socio-sexually, and forgot.
Re-embracing the Shortcut Method of Life is like coming home.
If you were the type of person strong enough to visit the child within you,
you would remember once again that asking seven times is a near-perfect power.
If you are going to open your mouth, make sure it has something to do with resolution.
Between you and your stated desire or goal, there are obstacles. Focus always on resolution.
In the first twenty-two days of doing so, you are likely to double nearly everything in your life.

This is your time, this is your place,
Shh. Use the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires,
the best shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
and provably YOUR best Shortcuts to succeeding.
Enjoy, the Shortcut Method of Life is free for your life.

Regrettably, only IE and compatible browsers can see most of the EyeCandy.
Have no fear. A) There are hundreds of thousands of EyeCandy bits.
B) PowerGems are what you need to find here.
With millions of pages, find plenty of PowerGems.

So many different kinds of shortcuts !
Empowering and fully superlative shortcuts,
Munificent and indubitably magnificent shortcuts,
guaranteed and quite incredible shortcuts,
fantastic and persistently powerful shortcuts
hypnotic and rather delicious shortcuts,
Insurable and Monefied shortcuts,
if you catch my drift,
absolute and certainly engaging shortcuts,
enduring and for sure successful shortcuts,
so-potently helpful and fully utile shortcuts....
and so much more. You see we can also find
enticing shortcuts and satisfying shortcuts,
energizing shortcuts and non-abrasive shortcuts,
sharing shortcuts and of course, caring shortcuts.
At the end of it all, shortcuts and time-cuts,
carry us over the wall.

These are the shortcuts of those who dare,
these are the shortcuts they use everywhere.
A thousand minutes per day, no travail,
means a thousand shortcuts we all might avail.
Excuses are fine for those who fail small,
but shortcuts are needed by who would stand tall.
all a perception, of honest deception, looking for those whoa are good.
who raise the reins of shortcuts, and use them as they should.

Vast changes occur with a single step that is repeated with an eye to improving.
Electrify everything in you do with any individual Shortcut Method of Life PowerGems.
Tiny steps lead to improvements that are staggering in scope when you repeat them each day.
Do more with what you already know. This one feature effectively reduces the time requirement
for nearly everything you do. Never again underestimate YOUR ability and power to affect time.
Not only is this a key feature and function of success,
your life gets immediately and often profoundly affected as well.

Not the least of these numerous benefits is the ability to to accomplish the same things in considerably less time.
Success is that highest state, that happiness that is, at the core, not so easily described with words,
because each of us has a completely unique view of just what success actually is.    It's personal.

And yet today, guaranteeing such success is mathematically possible with the Shortcut Method of Life.
Each PowerGem within the Shortcut Method of Life works by itself, powerfully, repeatedly.
Any combination of PowerGems, used precisely as described, produces fast results.
So far, we haven't found any worthwhile exceptions to this concrete rule.

Can You Count Your shortcuts ?

There are so many shortcuts available for you to make use of.

Have you yet come to see, just for one example of many instant resources to power,
that you have the ability to ask a question not merely from a bright librarian or a Harvard professor,
no, you get to ask so very many millions of computers your question,
because that is precisely what you do when you go to a search engine.
You're asking millions and more millions of computers in hundreds of languages, covering every known subject.

Experts.     They're an excellent source, provided they are actually doing it at world-class.
We generally recognize them as masters or millionaires, champions or billionaires.
Everyone else exemplifies crapulosity, the empty blatherskite of excuses,
because the only people who - legitimately - know better... ... are those who do better... repeatedly.

Embrace the Shortcut Method of Life || Masters and Millionaires Great Secrets to Success

Do You Understand The Shortcut Method of Life ?

You are the living extension of the Shortcut Method of Life.
Think of this two different, or three different ways, and profit yet more.
YOU are the living extension of your own interpretation of the Shortcut Method of Life.
Separately and also, you ARE the living extension of your own Shortcut Method of Life approach.
Anything and everything that you approach with both eyes and ears and arms wide open works out much better.
Understand that your enthusiasm is the gasoline that powers your excellence every single time you wish it to be so.
Please stop wishing it so only at petty desires or only critical emergencies.Bring out your better moves and ideas.

Take just one more action. It pays you back more than once, so repetition exponentiates.

The only hook you find here is the contract to help the helpless with the wealth you build from your PowerGems.

Until you have the money to fund people who are starving within miles of where you are at any given moment,
you are reminded to clickthrough to TheHungerSite or whoever we can find to donate with free clickthroughs.
DO IT EVERY DAY! Please believe that this free action is one of the ten greatest wealth-builders you will ever encounter.
However trite it may seem, it's nigh-impossible for you to avoid sweet, profitable repayment when you save many lives.

If you save just one life per day with a clickthrough, count up the lives you save when you get to one hundred days.
You think you know something, that you consistently know better? HOW MANY LIVES HAVE YOU SAVED?
Do you get it? Do you honestly see and feel this guaranteed secret of extraordinary wealth?

Today is the most powerful day of your life, friend. Take it from the world's most record-breaking so-and-so.
Today you get to be one percent or ten percent or even one hundred percent better than you were yesterday.
This is a perfect truth and power of life that you get to tap into any time you want, and as often as you like.
Give up just one percent more of whatever is inside of you.
Most of the profits are aimed right back at you.
At least 10 or 20 percent must help others.
Your profit grows, and grows, and grows.
Take it from one who knows and shows.
Welcome to the world of the wealthy,
your Shortcut Method of Life.

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You need to stop listening to people who give reasons why you can't.
The BEST possible source of information is those who do best.
With technology shrinking the world by so many factors,
you cannot justify ignoring, delaying your excellence

This is the time and place you have long waited for.
YOUR version of the wise man on the mountain.
Since death begins when growth ceases,
be flexible on purpose, stretching your all.