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Welcome to the world of Dr. David Cohen,
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Ignore the naysayers.
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Alternative medicines are the way to go,
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Have you ever known anyone who ever died from using alternative medicines?
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Dr. Cohen welcomes you into better health.
The Shortcut Method of Life is, ultimately,
dedicated to the proposition that we all heal,
best, fastest, and most effectively... naturally.

Enjoy the Alternative Medicines Capital of the Internet, the Shortcut Method of Life.

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Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC, a licensed, insured, naturopathic physician,
is very likely to know more than you about living a healthy, natural, balanced life.

You must begin by cleaning out at least some or most of the stored toxins and garbage.
There is no better word for the extra weight you carry, because it's NOT fat as you think.
All of that weight around your middle is food that you ate that went in and did not come out.
Dark, wet, warm - what an environment for the admittedly unpleasant things that we habitually eat.
There are dozens of brands of greens and colon cleansers that are inexpensive and all-natural.
You'll drop a pound or more per day every day that you use these products, in a healthy way.

Next, make just one and no less than one good change, one that's easy and yields greatly.
Food containing white flour and white sugar dissolve your organs and tissues.
Did you know that? All these years you've heard that sugar is "bad for you."
The phrase does not begin to cover it. White flour means it was bleached.
If you try to feed my child anything with bleach, you're in trouble.
Sugary foods are fun, and can be made with healthier alternatives.
The one change is to change these foods from being a daily habit.
Continue to enjoy them, once in a while, rather than each day.
Eating diseased, over-drugged chickens fifty times per year?
Not a chance. It ages you prematurely and weakens you.
You cannot eat toxins without concomitant results.
What goes in is what goes out - for some of us.

Begin unplugging and releasing the garbage.
In a matter of days you will be thrilled.
If you're doing better, you know better.
If not, hush up and heed those who do.
Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC,
licensed naturopathic physician,
indubitably at your service.
(718) 972- 1616