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The Shortcut Method of Life has the secret places, which should not be hidden from view.
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A wonderful example is Go, now. Register. Learn a dozen new facts.
The Shortcut Method of Life loves you, and wants YOU to prosper.
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This secret has worked successfully throughout many generations..
Give eighteen or more cents away, silently and without public credit.
As with all great wisdom, only an opinion backed by experience has value.
It works even when you do seek public acknowledgement or kudos for your gift.
It does, however work much faster and better when you give your money silently.
It always comes back, and more often than not, from sources you might not expect.
This is one of the rare rules of life that constitute perfection, never, ever known to fail.

Thus, the Shortcut Method of Life declares this to be one of our PowerGems, a universal shortcut.

Do you know about Do you know what 'thousands of programs' means?
Have you printed the one-page application, Form 424, that you download from a page at
Since you do not undersatnd "40,000 Free Money Programs," understand that you're about to get rich.
These are magnificent sources for you to help your community, help yourself, even go back to school.

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just on this one tiny page of a million Shortcut Method of Life pages?

There is more free money out there than you can ever hope to get more than a tiny piece of.
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The Shortcut Method of Life wants to help you to help yourself repeatedly.
The better you get, the better you do, the more likely you are to help the helpless.
So, why pay a lawyer two or five hundred dollars per hour to find these sources for you?
How do we slip past your defenses to tell you that there is a national clearinghouse, and it's free?
1-800-FED-INFO     which is 1-800-333-4636
How smart do any of us have to be in order to recognize a superior, plentiful resource and then put it to use?
Pay careful attention here, the Shortcut Method of Life is not merely for your amusement. It is power personified.
Without a doubt, the Shortcut Method of Life is the single most powerful one-stop resource in existence at this time.
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There is no charge for the Shortcut Method of Life because the flow of money interferes with the flow of credibility.
Half your new accelerated wealth belongs to me, and I wish for it to be directed to the helpless people you find.
If you do not know any hopeless people, you're not looking. Not to worry, wealth has a way of attracting many.
Some are good, some are not. That's your job, discerning which is which. Such is the price of financial wealth.
From this minute forwards, you must commit yourself to the resources cited by the Shortcut Method of Life.

Free money help from the Shortcut Method of Life...
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The Shortcut Method of Life Counts On YOU You you
Yes, yes, you're looking to find free money. No problem.
The Shortcut Method of Life promsies to help in the search for free money,
and specifically helping you to help yourself obtaining a wealth of free money.
The Shortcut Method of Life is NOT free.
A fat portion of your vastly accelerated wealth is fairly our share. Invest it in helpless people.
The Shortcut Method of Life helps you to find free money, and you agree to help helpless and hopeless you find.

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Free Money Capital of the Internet

Since the Shortcut Method of Life is, naturally, already a part of you,
make the Shortcut Method of Life a part of your daily life. Breathe deeply.

Finding free money is not that much different from maintaining a better level of health.
Breathe deeply, not in shallow spurts. Drink enough water. Stretch several times per day.
You might be interested to know that the Shortcut Method of Life shares new information,
things you have not known before, have never read anywhere, such as the aging of sleep.
Whatever the many positive benefits of sleep, most signs of aging take place during sleep.

That's why you may prefer to enjoy a half-dozen short naps per day, minutes apiece.
When your diet includes vegetables and fruits, this trick reduces your sleep need.
How this relates to free money does not need to be apparent to you at this point.
Let a reminder suffice for now that money is only one of the secrets of success.

Go for your free money, and you find find free money; a great deal of free money.
Stay focused on what the money will bring, not the collection of free money itself.

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The free money capital of the internet cannot claim to know all of the sources of free money.
That's not due to any lack of effort from the Shortcut Method of Life and those who embrace the Shortcut Method of Life.
The reason no one can claim to know all of the sources of free money is that the LIST of free money sources is alive.

It must be, because it has never once stopped growing in decades and decades, even in days of supposed "cutbacks."
There is free money in your county, you can find free money from your city, you can find free money from your state, which we know is true because every state has at least hundreds of programs focusing on giving away free money or loaning money that does not have to be repaid, or, at the bottom of YOUR list, low-cost loans which generally do not have to be paid back quickly. Again, free money is the first wish on your list, free money is second on your wish list, and beyond. Yes, third on your wish list is "sources of free money."

When you're looking for free money, you will benefit from knowing just a couple of special terms.

First, you definitely want to remember at least two critical phrases,

"Business Development" is one of them, while "Economic Development" is the other.
These are two very important phrases for anyone looking to find free money. That's because you must first identify the actual source of the free money, right? With forty thousand doors to rooms packed with free money, you do need to know how to read the sign on each door, and how to ask for the money. Those programs of free grants that require you to write a grant proposal include instructions on how to prepare your grant proposal. It is not designed for college graduates. As a rule, these instructions and applications are designed for people in inner cities who may be educationally disadvantaged to be able to fill them out clearly and completely. It is that easy to find free money.

Allow the Shortcut Method of Life within you to push you to higher heights of effort and self-fulfillment.
Few things in life taste as delicious as a mission accomplished, a job well done in tune with your ethics.

Life has so much more in store for you than you seem to appreciate, since you are not putting forth your best efforts.
You already know that what goes up must come down, that what goes around comes around, according to laws of physics.
Do you also know that what you put in (input) has a direct, even mathematical association with what you get out of it (output)?

Please, please, stop TELLING us what you know, so that you have more focus to SHOW us what you know best.
Engaging the HealthPlan of Longevity assures of living, if not longer, then assuredly stronger for your time here.
Embracing the Shortcut Method of Life is looking less at the problem, and more at your suggested solutions.

What you do speaks so loudly, we wish you would not flap your lips so much

Ergo, the Shortcut Method of Life and HealthPlan of Longevity are here to serve YOU, so that you serve, too.

Who does the best knows the best.... proven as and when they show the best... again and again.
Use your internal guidance towards natural use of the HealthPlan of Longevity and Shortcut Method of Life,
so that, with even just a matter of minutes per day, your mastery, your expertise, your reliability, shall grow every day.