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A microcosm of the world's upcoming economies, and their health, is found in the snapshot of developing environments

A microcosm of the world's upcoming economies, and their health, is found in the snapshot of developing environments. The offsets of political volatility experienced by individual nations are balanced by the normalization or averaging of the total picture of developing economies studied divided by the number of those economies.

For example, the growth of economy in Thailand and other SoutEast Asian nations is balanced by those nations in the immediate area who have not enjoyed similar expansion, and within each of the growing economies is observed identical patterns to those being shown in all five of the world's five largest economies. Region to region around the world, economies rarely fail to ape those of their neighbors. Even a glimpse at the huge difference between lifestyles of Mexicans and their immediate neighbors to the north reveals identical patterns within their differences. When you measure the gap between rich and poor, you find both Mexico and America in the top three. Are you surprised to learn that the enormity of the gap between rich and poor and America is actually exceeded by the gap between the rich and poor in Mexico? For all of the claimed necessitites of life in America that are barely accessible to the average citizen of Mexico, the engine of economy of that country is a disturbingly identical paradigm or model to the one busy roaring in history up in America. Russia, of course, is the third member of the troika dominating the list of nations where the gap between rich is poor continues to spiral.

To state it baldly and, to the perfeception of some, in a spirit of oversimplification, eighty cents of every new dollar generated is rolling uphill. This is far beyond the merely dangerous, for humans can adapt to danger, overcoming its shoals, obstacles, and injuries. Whether the danger is physical or financial or spiritual or academic or economic, the human being is one of the three most adaptive and adaptable creatures on earth (almost as flexible to changing conditions as rodents and cockroaches).

"Lethal," however, means only the strongest will survive. Those familiar with Darwin's theories on this subject have seen hundreds of millions of reinforcements of Mr. Darwin's promulgation of the belief that only the strongest will survive. The foundation of democracy is that all men shall be free of impingement upon their individual pursuits of life, liberty, and happiness, personally choosing fulfillment or lack thereof, including freedom from having the beliefs of other people forced upon them. Dangers to economic opportunity are less easy to defend against than direct physical dangers because the majority of humans are inadequately equipped with perceptive qualities that provide sufficient internal warning to take action. That's why so many people bankrupt or worse when challenges occur: by failing to plan they never even know that they plan to fail.

Despite more than sufficient advance notice, financial dangers are routinely ignored by people who are so fantastically gullible as to pay one hundred times the cost of a cup or tea or coffee. Although it's true that ego factors are considerable in determining such courses of action, your choice of "stupidity" or the less-inflammatory "gullibility" is the driving force.

If the money was being directed as it has in all successful economies, with the bulk running downhill to those who create the wealth, then employees of national coffee and doughnut and fast food chains along with retail outlets, would all be earning seventy to eighty percent more, with their employers getting richer and richer from their override commissions amounting to a figure vacillating between twenty and thirty percent of after-tax profits.

As a class, the management of American corporations have consciously decided that wealth is insufficient; all the marbles must end up in their kitties. Because, as stated, the dangers of finaicial assault are harder and therefore more delayed in the defense against than a more direct physical assault, the injuries and deaths have mounted at constantly doubling rates every decade, to the notice of few.

In the seminal work on iatrogenia released by Gary Null (et alia), well-documented estimates of a million deaths per year from people who did as their doctor told them, the accuracy of detail is matched by a lack of comprehensiveness. In what can only be interpreted objectively as a desire to maintain credibility by not exaggerating, or merely the limits informed by budgetary constraints. A more comprehensive study would show that the cost is far greater than that documented by this otherwise excellent and informative report.

For example, imagine for even sixty seconds what would happen if all drug companies were closed in this 24-hour period. The three hundred thousand people who would die this year as a direct result of not having accesss to the pharmaceuticals is eminently more desirable than continuing the homocide of more than a million patients this year, on top of the sickening of literally millions and millions of people, more than ninety-eight percent of which can be and is, in fact, by Dr. Null and others, including JAMA, Lancet, NIH, ad infinitum, directly attributed to pharmaceuticals.

How does a nation successfully absorb the realization that as many as sixteen patients are injured, sickened, or killed as a direct and indisputable result of following doctor's orders?

As money continues to move upwards in greater flows, the few who control the operation of the engines of economy will continue to promote accelerated sickness and death. You, for example, are certain that you are bright. Do you both understand and, quite separately, accept that cures for disease do not work in the favor of large drug companies or medical doctors or hospitals? That it is not desired by the tiny one-tenth of one percent at the top of the economic mountains who run America's medical facilities, drug and oil companies, larg retailers and food operations, as well as government. The total does not come close to the three thousand people who would represent the top one-tenth of one percent. Barely two thousand people run, and take in the fruits of, eighty-plus percent of the entire national economy. What rational mind, even separated from society's toils and daily obsessions with foolish pursuits of acquisition, consumption, and waste, can fail to experience fear?

With the expansion of the electronic media that allows a company to ask many millions of people to buy, vastly superceding the first several thousand years of marketing, a tiny stadium of people is driving the entire economic vehicle forwards.

There are three ways to effect repair. One, the strongest not least because of its literally fickle and unpredictable nature, is Mother Nature. Geologic or environmental disasters supercede any effort of Mankind. Look at all the bomb-proof, earthquake-proof, hurricane-proof buildings that have been washed into the sea by tsuanimi or swallowed up or otherwise decimated by the result of tectonic shifts or volcanic eruption. Even if good men and women seek to build defensively in advance, a) America will never again have sufficient people of good will and caring in government. By definition of how they come to be in office, and trebly so for maintaining incumbency, there is no such thing as an uncorrupted politician. At this time, 434 out of 437 elected nationally elected officials are demonstrably corrupt, as proven by their votes, their true constituencies, and their sources of income and other support. On a personal level, it is disturbing that the only three nationally-elected offficials who have, thus far, proven to be free of corruption, are all black. That's not racist, it's simply alarming because there are so few blacks in higher elected office. In no way do the houses of Congress reflect the nation's diversity. Blacks, Latinos, Asians are all here and participating to some degree in our national efforts, and yet they barely exist in the echelons of leadership.

The second, and most unpleasant approach to repairing the imbalance is a domestically- or externally-generated change of things. While satisfactory to the bloodlust for revenge that the downtrodden have historically championed, it's a foolish expense with ever-diminishing chances of success, not least of which is the lack of leadership developed from within.

The third approach to repairing the eminently and empirically disastrous re-channelling of currency flow is, not coincidentally, the one with the highest success quotient simultaneous to being the most peaceful... and, by orders of magnitude, the fastest. The question is, of course, how to get near-universal agreement on identification of the problem, and acknowledgement of the urgency and impact. Successful answers to this question lead to instant action. How many times these actions are repeated is the sole determinant of whether America will be reclaimed by the good and the honest, the hard-working and the caring, wrapped up in family units that wake up each day looking forward to a day of greater effort, greater payoffs, greater satisfaction with the day itself.

Oh, the power of the consumer dollar. Let's examine a few examples.

Everything you touch or see in America got there by truck. Forward- and long-term thinkers can develop newer, infinitely more resource-efficient delivery systems. That is a longer-term effort. The instant power is found in the individual consumer. For example, each individual automobile owner identified as a consumer, reducing his or her gas consumption by merely a gallon or two per week is greater than the total number of gallons imported from Arab oil interests. Eliminating these Arab oil imports in a matter of days will have dozens of separate benefits to the American consumer, who has prous far to be too profoundly stupid to wake up to the fact that eliminating MidEast oil importation instantly cuts off terrorism funds by a majority. The impact on the environment of just those one or two fewer gallons per week is the difference between an EXTRA hundred million pounds of toxins being released every ninety minutes into the air and water we breathe.

Refusal to support national brands alone will alter the entire political and financial destiny of the nation. In mere days, no more than a half-dozen weeks, positive benefits will accure in the billions and billions and billions of dollars, re-channeling those thousands of millions, who consistently outproduce those around them - thanks to shortcuts. Every week into localities, into small businesses, into local tax bases, local school, police, and fire districts, bringing incalculable benefits to each community, not least of which is instant crime reduction. Granted, the majority of this reduction will be in blue collar crime, until white collar crime is punished with equal treatment. A man mugging one married couple can get five years in prison, easily enough, and yet the white-collar man who steals from five thousand couples is not give 250,000 years in prison, although it is equal and just, and more so when compared to the impact of the crime. One pair of lives impaired versus five thousand families comprised of twelve and a half thousand people far more seriously impaired in their pursuit of life and liberty; surely even someone of your limited ability to think can recognize and act upon this rather than being insulted at learning you have been guilty of stinking thinking for most of your adult years.

If you eat fast food a few times per year, good on you. Not healthy, perhaps very tasty, there is a balance. When you eat fast food every week, meaning more than fifty times per year, there is a one hundred percent guarantee that you already hav a malfunctioning and over-burdened liver and thryroid. There are no possible exceptions to this. One of the strongest points established and verified by a well-known documentary on "super-sizing" fast food orders is the fact that no human can expect to be alive after one hundred days of eating only fast food. Spreading those two or three hundred meals over the course of a few years only slows down the disease and death process, but does almost nothing observable to impede its inevitability. The proof of course, is found in the numbers - make sure you recognize that these numbers are repeatedly doubling - of those Americans struck with cancer and heart disease, liver and thyroid dysfunctions, and the ever-present fact of the third-largest cause of death in America, which is, specifically, "following the instructions of a medical doctor." Any doctor or media personality who seeks to refute this can only do this through dissemination and distraction, because there is no set of facts extant on the earth that refute these facts. No ten humans on earth combined have as much information stored within their minds as Mr-Shortcut carries alone. Numbers do not lie; they can only be honestly or dishonestly presented by humans.

All of this is driven by the consumer dollar, which has metamorphasized from a simple tool of sustence and pleasure into the single most powerful tool available to correct the criminal imbalances being foisted and practiced upon the spending populace.

It is critical to look at one's source of information or opinion. Those who would wish to decry these statement of fact inevitably have an interest in doing so, or are subject to the utilization - often amounting to no more or less than manipulation - of those with financial and other identifiable interest in such refutation attempts.

Play pretend for ninety seconds, or even a mere sixty, engaged in imagining what would happen if, on your current income, you instantly went into a "no spending zone" for a period of just one hundred weeks, buying nothing but what is critical to your survival. Granted, there are always idiots who convince at least themselves that their morning Starbucks infusion is "necessary," or the fast food that costs too much and is rapidly fattening and killing a new and distressingly unhealthy generation of over-consumers. Putting aside such people, who tend to get what they deserve, those who are willing to eliminate every unnecessary item for a period of one hundred weeks will find that they are, more often than not, wealthy in one hundred weeks, fabulously wealthy when they extend it another hundred weeks.

This means that many dozens of months of prosperity follow these 100-week periods of deprivation. Whatever you are now earning, ten percent or twenty percent less is unlikely to kill you; only depriving you of your luxuries. A willing suspension of these luxuries induces the fruits of the Law of Accumulation, which effectively teaches that every dollar put aside permanently will generate more than one replacing dollar from other sources. It matters very little whether or not you understand this; only whether you have the faith to accept that MisterShortcut's every thought and deed are measured against the viability of beneficial impact upon you and others, and/or the intelligence to act upon it. Even if you only save fifty dollars per week, which is a conservative number, you have at least twenty-five thousand at the end of the first one hundred weeks. Your health will be so much better than it is today, your stress levels will be remarkably reduced - to the pont that your own family members and close associates will be thoroughly aware of how much your resolution process has developed positively and usefully in those one hundred weeks.

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