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Unimportant?   You Tell Us - Masters and Millionaires - Already know!

Important? The Shortcut Method of Life has an idea of your value, how important you are to at least one generation.
Most humans at some point or another question how important their "mission" may be, how important they themselves are.
Thus, the Shortcut Method of Life invites you to consider the mathematical reality of how important you must be to the world.

 Each of your parents has two parents, so in the generation just prior to that of your mother & father,
there were four people whose pairing and sharing of love contributed to your existence.

You're the product of 8 great-grandparents, 16 great-great-grandparents, 32 great-great-great-grandparents, and so on.    
Keep multiplying by two.    If you average 25 years between each generation, you'll discover that just 500 years ago,
there were 1,048,576 people on this planet who were beginning the production of...you.

With such an enormous investment in the creation of you, isn't it appropriate for you to justify such heroic efforts by making the most of your opportunities?
We don't refer to what you're going to do someday, rather,
...what efforts you invest on this very day to do one, maybe more than one thing,
better than you did yesterday.
Henry Ford appears to have been a full-blown racist, and still, the man delivered awe-inspiring wisdom in his reminder:
"You cannot build a reputation based on what you are going to do."

When you grasp that you are rarer than one in a million, you'll see how important you are; how important your efforts are in the short and long run.
So, tell me, and all of us. Better yet, tell the most important face you'll ever see in a mirror,   mathematically rarer than one in a million.

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With your ever-expanding sources of empowerment and health tips, you WILL learn more, the Shortcut Method of Life.
Designed for you to learn and enjoy the greatest shortcuts of masters and champions, those who repeatedly lead,
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The Shortcut Method of Life is a sort of subdivision or subsidiary of the empowering Shortcut Method of Life.
The HealthPlan of Longevity is self-explanatory, pursuing the best information on health and Longevity,
embracing the methods and secrets of long-lived people. Good health begins with learning more.
The more we learn, the longer and stronger we tend to live. We'd like YOU to live longer.
We believe this goal will be enhanced and empowered by The Shortcut Method of Life.
All one thousand of the websites entitled "Masters and Millionaires shortcuts,"
and all of these "healthiest websites" pertaining to health and Longevity,
have all been designed and created by the Godfather of Shortcuts,
also known as the Godfather of EyeCandy for his innovations.
They exist because you are a valuable, important human being.
Fact is, there is a mathematical need to recognize, like it or not,
that you may be one of the thousand of each generation,
one thousand very unique humans,
who truly change the world for you
laying forth a trail as pioneers do, for you.
Pick up the ball and run with it, electrifying your life.
Everything changes when you make the decision to pursue excellence.
The Shortcut Method of Life is about your greatest winning streak.

From this minute, keep boosting your brain with deep exhalations.
That means you must empty your lungs absolutely and repeatedly.
When you think your lungs are empty, you have quarts left.
QUARTS of old, dirty air still polluting your self.
Yourself and your self are the constant victims.
By emptying your lungs at least twice as much,
you are about to enjoy many boosts of brain.
You are in for one of your sweetest treats,
the best surprises of an entire lifetime,
when you experience your brain benefits.
Breathe out more, every single hour,
each day you wish to get smarter.
This will work one thousand times.
How is this given to you with certitude?
Easy. Mr-Shortcut showed many such raises,
until it was easier to just recite Pi by the thousand.
What you believe and don't believe is secondary to what you see.
What you see around you; what you see within yourself as certain truth.
Until you at least formulate a certain truth, you will continue to serve others.

What       is       your       truth?

The question is infinitely simpler than you are now responding to it as being.

What is your truth?

Can we put it more plainly?
If, God forbid, you died this afternoon, what would the last sentence about you be?
Your local newspaper or other media outlet is likely to report your passing, right?
They will sum up who and what you were to those who are making the statement.
What is the one sentence that most people will say about you if it happened?
That you do not live as if each day is your last shows your limitations.
Begin with one hour per day where you pretend you are the best on earth.
Whatever you do during that hour, simply pretend you are the greatest.
You are promised magnificent results carrying into other areas of life.

The act of pretension is a magnificent tool that works universally.
Pretend you are a brain surgeon, learning a new fact every time,
and you rise to comprehend the mechanics of even brain surgery.
People can be instructed this way by long-distance cellphone.
Raise your intelligence every time you raise your thinking.
All of this is presented to you by the Godfather of Shortcuts,
for you to succeed faster,
for you to live stronger for longer, using the best and greatest shortcuts of role models,
the same shortcuts used by leaders, masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires.
Learn more in order to live more.   You'll certainly benefit from the shortcuts,
the so-called secrets, and the EyeCandy here at
and a most-empowering website on your internet, the Shortcut Method of Life.
With your mind in mind,


What you know is, very strictly, less important than what you DO with what you know.
If you wish to be important, which may only mean having others see you as being important,
or if you need to DO important things, serving more than gathering, which tends to yield better results,
you must think importantly, and act upon important subjects with repeated, focused and described actions.
What is truly most important is that, whatever time you have on earth, you need to feel comfortable with that time.
Otherwise, you, like too many of us, the overweaning majority, live a life that is not important, nor be remembered as such.
The Shortcut Method of Life is an entire set of opportunities for you to determine what is most important to your life,
what wishes are worth turning into goals by attaching deadlines and learning who can help, and what you need.
When you clearly know what is most important to you, the Shortcut Method of Life triples in value to you.
These shortcuts, described as Shortcut Method of Life PowerGems, are universal, useful everywhere.
So, when you know precisely where you are going, powerful shortcuts that work across the board,
shortcuts that work almost regardless of your situation or circumstances, help you be important.
You talk a good game, so you are asked how you used the Shortcut Method of Life to do something important.
Excellence cannot happen by some stretch of coincidence or happenstance, because excellence is what you can repeat.
Enliven your internal Shortcut Method of Life, apply your own perception of the Shortcut Method of Life to what you deem important.
The Shortcut Method of Life urges you to begin by identifying, in writing, the five or ten most important things you must accomplish in this lifetime.

You may note that the Shortcut Method of Life has more unique pages than you could read within the span of a single lifetime.
Each page is part of the larger sections of the Shortcut Method of Life, and rendered unique by MisterShortcut, individually.

Each page contains one to twenty-one of the most powerful and decidedly useful shortcuts you have ever encountered.
Each page of the Shortcut Method of Life is crafted in belief that you are now better-equipped to truly rise and shine.
Millions and millions of unique pages, rich with EyeCandy, Shapelinks, Shapetalks, and more, dedicated to YOU.

How important you are is determined far less by how important OTHERS believe you to be
than by how important you find your repeated dailiy efforts to be, of value, or of little value.
Allow no one else to tell you that you are important, or that you are not notably important.

What are your goals? What do you repeatedly focus on most of all?

If you believe you are not that important, and if the numbers above do not impress you,
the Shortcut Method of Life recommends spending a bit of time deep inside yourself.
Identify what motivates you more than anything else, what is most important to you.
THAT is a powerful way of making yourself more important to those around you.

At the end of the day, the Shortcut Method of Life posits that importance is self-contained.
Making yourself important to yourself and your goals outweighs any other kind of import.

TotalWinning.com - If you are going to make an effort, strive for total winning, or not at all.

121393.com - One of many Shortcut Method of Life Fibonacci websites, promoting and promulgatin universal prosperity

196418.com - Another Shortcut Method of Life Fibonacci websites, encourating universal prosperity with Fibonacci


Important Shortcuts Shapetalk - Shortcut Method of Life

Important shortcuts, for all that you dream,
the Shortcut Method of Life might make it all seem,
as if dreams come true with the simple use of shortcuts now,
while the Shortcut Method of Life promises that it is precisely how,
dreams of masters and millionaires, like those of champions and billionaires,
inspired, respired unto truth's sweet beam, of sunlight and the universe as it deems.

So, who is fit and mighty, meriting these master secrets,
combatting all the hurtful results of disaster's poor prefects?
Who dares to wear the mantle of super-achiever, proving it daily?
The Shortcut Method of Life dares to think that it will prove to be you.
If you think you arrived on this page by some freak accident, think again.

Billions and billions of unique pages, including millions via the Shortcut Method of Life,
and yet, of all those billions, here you are, for a reason obviously attended by the Universe.

Use whatever word you want, the intent is to remind you that there is always at least one witness.
What you do today tells us so much more about you than what your mouth is capable of expressing well.

What you do speaks so loudly we can hardly hear a word you say
Why are "important people" considered to be important? Are they reeeeeally so important?
Truth is, the world goes on with and without them, undermining their claims to importance.
What's more important, to you, or so the Shortcut Method of Life suggests it should now be,
is how you use tools you already know how to use, not as you have been, but in better ways.
Sure, it is important to one avenue to success for you to use those tools more often every day.
t is not the only important way, and, for those of you who are lazier, not so summarily important.

That's because the most important shortcut is simply one percent. Doing anything one percent better each time.

Nothing you have ever learned, nothing you have ever instinctively known, nothing at all comes close to this shortcut.

In all fairness, the Shortcut Method of Life posits that this may be the most important shortcut you ever engage intentionally.
Every one hundred rounds, you have improved by more than one hundred percent. Dare to dream of the fruits of such intentions.

You cannot be on this page by accident, the Shortcut Method of Life is not predicated upon accidents, rather, intentions.
Action upon intentions is magical enough, even if it does not prove to be close to your firm apprehension of just yet.
Imitating what works is most important. Intentionally repeating action by imitating those repeatedly doing it best.
Of course you can get one percent better every time you undertake a task!! Aptitude is superceded by attitude here.
The Shortcut Method of Life avers that it this is one of those few arenas in life where our attitudes supercede aptitude.
When you intentionally lock your mind into the focus of improving by one percent THIS TIME, your brain hugely cooperates.

When you intentionally focus your mind on some form of improvement, with each repetition,
you immediately and then repeatedly unlock several of your most hidden intellectual skills.
Considering the countless people who have lived this Shortcut Method of Life PowerGem, a master secret,
what possible thought can be extended to your opinion, before YOU use the PowerGem 100x and more?
The most important thing you can do in life is whatever YOU deem to be at the acme of importance.
The most important help the Shortcut Method of Life can extend is to help you to help yourself.
Take this most important thought: "Focus on one percent improvement exponentiates results."

Shapetalk from the Shortcut Method of Life, engaging EyeCandy self-help.


In pursuit of YOUR excellence, YOUR development of YOUR OWN mastery, the Shortcut Method of Life suggests a health tip:
Develop your perception of the HealthPlan of Longevity that is already alive, naturally, within you, wanting the best health.
Air, water, never-heated oil, air-dried sea salt, bulk, and bacteria. These are the prime secrets of healthy longevity.

In furtherance of your developing wealth rapidly, using the same shortcuts employed by masters and millionaires,
the Shortcut Method of Life firmly advises you that universal shortcuts tend to lead each of us to total winning.

Take full notice of how important you are!
For so many people to have invested their lives creating the lineage that would result in you,
do you need more evidence, from the Shortcut Method of Life or elsewhere, to prove it?

Live your own HealthPlan of Longevity and Shortcut Method of Life concepts, naturally.

Important shortcuts, that's what may be required, because using important shortcuts yields what is desired.
Every facet of the Shortcut Method of Life is a plane of understanding followed by actions repeated, refined.
If you consider your own life to be important, at least worth the effort of operating it in a way YOU approve of,
then the importance of using what the Shortcut Method of Life terms "important shortcuts" grows exponentially,
because people who are self-realizing, or self-actualizing tend to be those who make the biggest contributions.