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All of these healthy wealthy websites,
filled with YOUR healthiest and certainly wealthiest shortcuts to happiness and Longevity
exist because you are a valuable, important human being.
Fact is, there is a mathematical need to recognize, like it or not,
that you may be one of the thousand of each generation,
one thousand very unique humans,
who truly change the world, especially for you by the Godfather of Shortcuts...

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Each of the shortcuts and secrets that we find in the Shortcut Method of Life,
each of the master secrets of the universe that we see demonstrated by the masters of our universe,
every single PowerGem, works magnificently on its own, and exponentially with any one or more other PowerGems.

  • Don't ask yes or no questions anymore - Ask WHICH they like

  • Ask more people more times each - you always end up with more.

  • Find out who the decision-makers are. They are known as "The Man," even when they're female.

  • Know before you start your journey where you are going - you will not see it 99 percent of the way

  • The death process is universal - it begins the moment that growth stops. Flexibility is all.

  • The moment you no longer need to learn is the moment you lose your grasp of mastery.

  • The more you mimic the efforts of masters, the more you mimic their results.

Empowering shortcuts are found where you seek empowering shortcuts. Look more.

If you see where the Shortcut Method of Life has accomplished more than you,
does it not follow that the Shortcut Method of Life may know more than you?
Your concept of time is almost thoroughly erroneous. Proof? YOUR LIFE!
You have wasted thousands of your best opportunities... this week.
Every day that you waste a few minutes here and there adds up,
in ways and breadths that have escaped your comprehension.

Speak less and do more, particularly vis-a-vis the petty.
If the conversation is petty, so, too, are its participants.
So, if the Shortcut Method of Life does do much better,
then the Shortcut Method of Life may well know better.
Listen more to that inner voice of wisdom we all possess.
That voice is thought to be "the Shortcut Method of Life."
More, your PowerGems yield consistently, and rapidly.
Please stop pretending to know more than champions.
Look for the people who are mastering what you would.

Each task we work has champions. Who are your champions?
Imitate their common actions, words, and attitudes, and you win.
If you can imagine getting an extra thousand seconds per day, or more,
then you can start by looking at your petty conversations, to take them back.
Just imagine what you're going to do with the extra hundreds of thousands of seconds.
MisterShortcut has broken or shattered more world records than 100 champions, using this.
You are urged, begged, and beseeched to read the many books within this page.. a hundred times.
As excessive as that may seem, it is one of the top one hundred shortcuts of all time, a true PowerGem.
If you knew better, you would surely do better. Until you do, imitate the words and actions of repeat champions.

Remember to feed those who are hungrier than you by giving, at no cost to you.
The HealthPlan of Longevity and Shortcut Method of Life Invite You To Help The Helpless - FREE
Corporate sponsors purchase 1.1 cups of staple food for free clickthroughs at TheHungerSite.
When you click this food button and the one you'll see next, you save a human life... no charge to you.

The Shortcut Method of Life Is PACKED With Shortcuts

Shortcuts and yet more shortcuts, with reason.
You've reached what is claimed to be the "Shortcuts Capital of the World."
That carries a responsibility to provide shortcuts, then more shortcuts, and even more shortcuts,
because the bulk of all great achievements deliver them to us.

If another human has done it before, whatever "it" is you would master,
is it not incumbent upon you to imitate their steps to imitate their results?
This is the time of your life, the opportunity to get a bit better with each day.
Allowing the Shortcut Method of Life within you to awaken you is a journey of delight.

With shortcuts for Longevity and shortcuts for dating, shortcuts for wealth and riches,
shortcuts for sales closing and shortcuts for piano playing,
the fact is, there are shortcuts for everything.
Shortcuts for succeeding faster,
from our great pioneers,
those who led the way
first among us all.


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Shortcuts that you use today are shortcuts that will bring you more life itself
No approach we have ever discovered is more empowering than your Shortcut Method of Life.
Even more exciting is the fact that use of your own Shortcut Method of Life is ultimately SELF-empowering.

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Enjoy the world's most delightful website,
largest source of empowerment information anywhere in the world, and all here for your life,
so you can learn more in order to live more in order to give more, and make me happy.
Develop your excellence, develop your inborn and acquired potential,
do more, be more, and have more,   because you're worth it.
Your best, via the Psychology -- your Shortcut Method of Life,
the greatest shortcuts of our role models and achievers,
masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires

Internactive Hotlinks - Shortcut Method of Life

Internactive hotlinks, give us internactive hotlinks,
the Shortcut Method of Life is rich with internactive hotlinks.
Not everyone can be interactive, plus, some misspell "interactive,"
thusly, "interactive" will come across to the rest of us as "internactive."
You may somewhat licitly claim that there is no such word as "internactive,"
and the Shortcut Method of Life might technically agree on the point you raise.
At the same time, the Shortcut Method of Life also asks you to note truth of reality:

When we look on the search engines for "internactive" hotlinks, what do we see?
We see Shortcut Method of Life internactive hotlinks leading to true PowerGems.
All to say, you are invited to learn and use these near-omnipotent PowerGems.
You are invited to live the HealthPlan of Longevity for healthy Longevity.
You are urged to use the Shortcut Method of Life to develop your wealth.
When you've doubled what you have now, half of the new is shareable.
Half of your new health and wealth belong to your best teachers,
Shortcut Method of Life and HealthPlan of Longevity tenets.
Rather than trying to share it with YOUR MrShortcut,
help the helpless that are always somewhere!
Find YOUR local helpless, to help them.
Internative links for you internactivity.