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the Shortcut Method of Life - Building Foundations

Every day presents you with a new opportunity to expand yourself.
Each day has more than eighty-six thousand seconds for you to use.
Let others be idiotic in their frittering away of so many thousands of them.
Seconds are your most precious possessions, worth far more than mere money.
Money you can replace simply by asking for more of it, asking more times if need be.
Seconds cannot be replaced, minutes cannot be refilled at a local time-refilling station.
Adopting the Shortcut Method of Life means altering forever your personal perception of time.
The petty conversations have never made you smarter or wealthier, so learn to trim them just a little.
This one shortcut alone will free up many hundreds of thousands of seconds you can better invest in YOU.

Make today count for more by doing nothing harder than becoming more aware of your seconds.
If you can imagine having thousands of additional hours in this life, this is how you get them.
If you are chatting with someone whom you enjoy chatting with, great! Just make it shorter.
When you combine this magical secret with creating a map for every day, you WILL win.
Make no mistake: THOUSANDS of masters and millionaires and champions use this.

I know because they told me: thousands of masters and world-class champions.
If you genuinely believe you know better than them, change nothing at all.
When you hunger for improvement, adopt the Shortcut Method of Life.
Tonight, write the five most important things you must do tomorrow.
Like every map and recipe, your list improves time and results.
Make it your business to review it before you go to sleep.
When you wake up, you'll find you have more answers.
This is a master secret of the universe, you know.
No need to believe it. Try it and see yourself.
See more of what's inside of you, nascent,
just waiting for time to get it all right.
Now you can find the needed time.
The questions are down to two:
What do you most want?
Is it worth your time?
Mere seconds?