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Time is rushing by at the fantastic rate of 1,440 precious, opportunity-filled minutes   -   each and every day
This is the day to follow those who do it best:
masters and champions, those who repeatedly lead


The greatest shortcuts of achievers and champions - of masters and millionaires.
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When we embrace the Shortcut Method of Life we leave behind all emotional baggage.
The Shortcut Method of Life is all about resolving obstacles with the use of great shortcuts.
The words, actions, and methods that you find throughout these gorgeous pages,
the secrets and shortcuts of succeeding from the Shortcut Method of Life and far beyond,
are an indisputable blend of the proven-perfect laws of life.
You should quickly find the Shortcut Method of Life to be a powerful path to Life.

Reach for more inside of yourself and you will be astonished at what is inside of you,
just waiting to be brought out in the best possible light. Now, it's your turn.
That's not rah-rah; it's recognition of the enormity of resources available to you and for you. It's your turn to win.

Learn more to better live more, at the Shortcut Method of Life and HealthPlan of Longevity
Whether this body of work, staggering in size, is the internet's healthiest website,
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YOU and your clicks empower huge resources.     You deserve The Shortcut Method of Life,
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Employ the simple laws of physics for your own direct advantage.   Get wealthy by giving.
You cannot suspend the laws of physics, so it's wise to profit repeatedly from them.
You will find that this fruit of the Shortcut Method of Life tastes delicious.
Natural health shortcuts of long-lived people.   Your best health tips... NATURAL health tips,
and the greatest success shortcuts of those we admire most - masters and millionaires and champions.
That is what these healthy wealthy websites are all about, and, beyond all seeming possibility,
from one pair of preternaturally busy hands: many hundreds of thousands of unique creations.

created for your success by Mister-Shortcut
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