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Ask more people more times each, with many ways to ask.
You can hardly hope to find a more certain way to gain wealth.
Your yes rate goes up when you give people reasons to say "yes."
If we say that twenty of every one hundred people say "yes" to you.
and eighty of every hundred people say "yes" to me, you will still win.
Ask more people and ask people more.
If I ask a dozen people as you ask a million people, you will collect more.
Don't complicate yourself before you've generated your first million or more.
Just take tiny powergems like this and use them one hundred times and more.
Always duplicate the steps and words of people doing it best of all among us all.

As a child, you knew at least most of the Shortcut Method of Life, and you lived it.
When you needed others to fulfill your wants, you asked more of them more times each.
You either whined, begged, wheedled, persuaded... or you gave up on getting that ice cream.
Each time you are faced with a crisis, a deadline, you manage to pull through "in the nick of time."
Imagine for the next twenty-one seconds of your life if you used those same magic tricks on your life.
The more you reach for the Shortcut Method of Life, the more the Shortcut Method of Life reaches for you.
Asking more people more, and asking people more times each. This shortcut alone is among the best of all time.
Please stop forming opinions on anything you do not have a hundred or a thousand experiences with, not until then.
If you have ever created ANYTHING from a recipe, then you should view the Shortcut Method of Life as a set of recipes.

The only valid opinions we can learn from are the opinions of those who do it best among us. Our job is to duplicate them.
Duplicate the efforts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, and you are exquisitely likely to duplicate their results.

Take the twenty-one seconds to consider how you would use your "emergency" tricks and shortcuts to accelerate your current results.

Masters And Millionaires - Shortcut Method of Life

Thinking of masters and millionaires is a reminder of the old saw about a Rolls Royce,
so artfully taught by Arthur R. Marzigliano, one of the greatest salesman of the 20th century.

Shortcut Method of Life - Rolls Royce Shortcuts Of Truth

Very few people actually want a Rolls-Royce.
Don't get me wrong, most everyone would LIKE a Rolls-Royce,
it's simply that they don't really, actually WANT that Rolls-Royce,
because the people who really and deeply want the Rolls-Royce,
have a habit of doing what is necessary to get that Rolls-Royce,
bringing them to the point of actually HAVING a Rolls-Royce.
Those other people did not want a Rolls-Royce enough to do what is necessary to get a Rolls-Royce.
This explains why people spend year after year after year not moving forwards: they do not know what they want.
They can tell you what they would like, and yet, wake them up at 2 a.m. to ask them what they have to do before they die,
and a staggering majority of people will not be able to answer quickly, cogently, and with certainty, what they fully intend to do.

The three to seven people of every one hundred alive today who CAN answer the question quickly, briefly, and with great certainty...
funnily enough... are the three to seven in every one hundred who, again and again in life attain one or more of their greatest aspirations.

The Shortcut Method of Life is based on the repeat performances of excellence in such leaders.

We can fairly call these people masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, because that's just what they so often become.
There is little or nothing outside of you preventing you from joining the ranks of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.
What do you want? When you want it badly enough, you do what is necessary to get it achieved, usually petty things or emergencies.
It is time to treat the next thousand weeks of your life as if they are vitally important to you attaining one or more of your biggest goals.

Identify precisely what you want;
identify an almost reasonable deadline;
identify, precisely, all that you will need;
identify the people you will ask help from;
identify the last three steps of this journey.
For the very few of you who are brilliant enough to take the shortcut of writing it down, voila!
When you see it in print in front of you, you are looking at the actual recipe, the map to get there.
The more people you ask for help, and the more reasons you give them to help, the more you achieve.
This is how masters and millionaires and champions and billionaires get to their goals. Now, so will you.
Until you are a master, a millionaire, a champion and/or a billionaire, your opinion offers such little value.
Having a recipe or a map in advance means working it backwards from the finish line, and living it forwards.
Speak less and do more. That means narrowing your focus, eliminating stupid conversations, and asking more.
When you know what you want, you can ask for it clearly, and supply reasons for people helping you get it.
If you do not know precisely where you are headed, you bet your life you will end up somewhere else.
Go ahead and take both meanings of that from the Shortcut Method of Life, to the greater inner you.

511 - 520 Use the best shortcuts of all time and you WILL get better results This IS your life. Make it worthwhile.
Masters and Millionaires Shortcut Method of Life For Success
Learn how to succeed faster with the best shortcuts of our winners and role models
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Now it's your turn. Let's develop the best of your potential by using something called "FULCRUM THINKING."
In a nutshell, fulcrum thinking is where a small action or phrase is leveraged into larger results, certainly accelerating past the speed you are currently generating results at.

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Stop stalling. Use the Shortcut Method of Life immediately.
Take any PowerGem or group of PowerGems and use them. They're free, and they're powerful.

This way, you can stop telling us what you can do and shart showing us.
Most of all, you get to show yourself.

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shortcuts To Becoming A Millionaire
The Shortcut Method of Life of Economy The Psychology Shortcut Method of Life of champions and great leaders shortcuts to success. With over one hundred ... all for YOUR accelerated success That is the Shortcut Method of Life of Champions and Billionaires...

Shortcut Method of Life of masters and champions - role models
The Shortcut Method of Life of Masters Millionaires... how-to-succeed-faster-shortcuts | Best methods of succeeding in business and life accomplish and achieve success faster, with shortcuts Develop your success faster with the Shortcut Method of Life.
How to succeed faster with the greatest and best shortcuts of winners and role models, champions, millionaires and billionaires. The Shortcut Method of Life packed with the most effective success shortcuts known to man. Learning how to succeed in business, or learning how to succeed in school, are similar to learning how to succeed in music, which, not coincidentally, is very much like learning how to succeed in, well, literally in everything and anything that humans do.

Learning how to succeed is more a question of attitude than anything else.
In a nutshell, it means constant attention to one thing, and just one:
R E S O L U T I O N!

Learning how to succeed faster is little more than that.
By keeping one's focus on resolution of challenges,
dissolving or chipping away at various obstacles,
the results in all areas of your life get boosted.
This is by no means only long-term strategy,
it's a way of life that produces fast results.
If your results are now excellent, fine.
Change nothing, results stay static.
Otherwise. get busy today.
Get wealthy, get healthy.
. Secrets of success. Effective shortcuts, golden losers,

Consider this:
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What a great time to make a large difference in your own life, and health,
along with bringing benefit to others, without having to reach into your pocket.
Both the Shortcut Method of Life and HealthPlan of Longevity
from the first page to the last, all focus and devolve to simple things.

First, to help you to help yourself, because the more we know, the better we tend to do.
The more we know, the longer and stronger we tend to live. This you already know.
At these healthiest wealthiest websites, we take it a few steps further with shortcuts.

The better YOU do, the longer and stronger YOU live, the more likely you'll reach out.
There arre so many people in the world who just need basic food and simple help,
not as handouts, rather, as a hand up so that we are less mired on conflict.
Most conflict is due to greed; that's understood; not much can be done.
The balance of conflict, however, is the direct result of starvation.
It's that simple, folks - basic food and water and health care.
Providing others with opportunities to help themselves
is not only noble, it is selfish, as it incurs more safety.
So, let's get you to use more of your inner potential.
Then, we'll see about you helping others after you.
Is this a fair enough trade?     Let's go for it.

- living stronger longer - naturally
are all part of the enormous Masters and Millionaires network.
It's all here for your life, because you're certainly worth it.
All one thousand of the Masters and Millionaires sites,
from the Shortcut Method of Life onward,
were designed for your life by your fan...

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